CII - SR EHS Excellence Awards 2023


Application submission:
From 15 September till 01 December 2023
Within 2 days on receipt of the invoice.
Pre-assessment dossier, data sheet & self-assessment checklist submission:
Within a week time of submission of the payment.
Assessment scheduling:
Immediately after the payment.
Special Awards and EHS Best practices awards submission:
Within two days of the completion of site assessment.

Validation Assessments:
December 2023 (5 Days)
Winners Selection:
1st Week of January 2024
Special Awards and EHS Best Practices Awards Selection: Last week of December 2023
Pre-function Activities:
January 2024
Award Ceremony:
23 February 2024 in Bengaluru


How to Apply

  • Fill and submit the application form provided on the website: to confirm your site/unit’s participation.
  • For multiple site/units’ participation from the same organisation, submit the application form separately for each site/unit.
  • Once you apply for the award, the username and password will be sent by CII, which is to be kept carefully for future use.
  • Download template of pre-assessment dossier, data sheets on the website, after preparation upload back well in advance, on site which helps the assessors prepare themselves for the assessment.
  • Submission of self-assessment checklist is mandatory prior to the assessment.
  • To avail self-assessment checklist, application fee is made mandatory.
  • CII will be in touch with the participating companies at each step of the process.

Scale Specification

Enterprises Investment in plant & machinery
Enterprises Investment in equipment
Small Enterprises
More than Rs. 25 lakhs but does not exceed Rs. 5 crores
More than Rs. 10 lakhs but does not exceed Rs. 2 crores
Medium Enterprises
More than Rs. 5 crores but does not exceed Rs. 10 crores
More than Rs. 2 crores but does not exceed Rs. 5 crores
Large Enterprises
Those Members, that belong to neither of the 3 categories - Micro, Small or Medium (either in Manufacturing or Services), may be considered as belonging to the "LARGE" category
Those Members, that belong to neither of the 3 categories - Micro, Small or Medium (either in Manufacturing or Services), may be considered as belonging to the "LARGE" category

Participation Fee

  • CII Member

    Large Scale


    Application Fee : Rs. 32500
    Assessor Fee : Rs. 15000
    GST 18% : Rs. 8550
    Total : Rs. 56050

  • Non-Member

    Large Scale


    Application Fee : Rs. 42500
    Assessor Fee : Rs. 15000
    GST 18% : Rs. 10350
    Total : Rs. 67850

*Including GST

  • Medium Scale


    Application Fee : Rs. 27500
    Assessor Fee : Rs. 15000
    GST 18% : Rs. 7650
    Total : Rs. 50150

  • Medium Scale


    Application Fee : Rs. 32500
    Assessor Fee : Rs. 15000
    GST 18% : Rs. 8550
    Total : Rs. 56050

  • Small Scale


    Application Fee : Rs. 20000
    Assessor Fee : Rs. 7000
    GST 18% : Rs. 6120
    Total : Rs. 31860

  • Small Scale


    Application Fee : Rs. 25000
    Assessor Fee : Rs. 7000
    GST 18% : Rs. 5760
    Total : Rs. 37760

*The fee is inclusive of assessor fee for two days
**For SSI companies the assessment will be done for 1 day with two assessors
The participation fee is inclusive of 18% GST
The confirmation and payment should be done simultaneously.
Use the credentials to download Proforma Invoice
CII will share the tax invoice once the payment is done.
Participation fee is not refundable and not adjustable to any other event
Participation fee is exclusive of assessors’ travel, accommodation and transportation

Payment Details

Participation fee can be paid by way of-

Option-1: Credit Card/Net banking

Use the registration link to make online payment – Credit Card / Net Banking

Cheque / DD can be sent to the CII coordinator at the address mentioned on the contact page. Prior to posting the Cheque/DD, a scanned copy of the same can be mailed to the coordinator for records

Ms Sofia Angel
Confederation of Indian Industry
Prof CK Prahalad Centre
98/1 Velachery Main Road, Guindy
Chennai 600032

Option-3: Find below the bank details for NEFT / RTGS.Kindly share transaction No.for tracking. Share UTR No for tracking
Please find below the bank details for NEFT. Share UTR No for tracking
Payment in favour of Confederation of Indian Industry
Bank Name & Branch ICICI Bank, No 110, Nungambakkam
High Road, Chennai 600034
Account No. 000905024914
IFSC Code ICIC0000009
Bene Address 98/1, Velacherry Main Road,
Guindy, Chennai 600032
MICR No. 600229003

Application Form

* All fields are mandatory
Name of the Company
Site Location
Site Address




Membership Type
Email (User Name)

(All Communication will be sent to this primary Email Id only)
Scale (Large/Medium/Small)   (Refer Scale Specifications)
Participation in Previous edition
Address for Invoice





Invoice of GST / State should be same
Organisation Category

Name Designation Address Phone No Email id Mobile No
Head of EHS with Contacts
Coordinator for CII
Site/Unit Coordinator

If you want to pay online through Credit/Debit/Netbanking, please click here


  • Assessment Objective
  • Purpose of the assessment are:
    • Help understand adoption of robust EHS practices
    • To identify the EHS implementation methodology for all of their identified stakeholders and level of implementation
    • To have an unbiased and common framework of evaluation across industries.
    • ...
    • The external audit is also a measurement of how well an organization's EHS management system is being implemented throughout all areas of the workplace.
    • Help raise the bar on EHS performance through sharing of best practices and benchmarking
    • Help understand various innovation in EHS implementation
    • Work towards conservation of scarce natural resources
    • Build healthy and discrimination-free / inclusive workplaces
    • Implement best practices in safety to improve performance and productivity
  • Assessment Process
    • The assessment will be done by two assessors for two days.
    • The assessors’ available dates will be made available on the portal and the scheduling can be done through online portal.
    • Contacts of assessors will also be made available on the site and vice versa.
    • ...
    • Date of the assessment can be fixed mutually convenient by the assessors and the applicant using the portal.
    • The assessor fee, travel, transportation and accommodation of assessors shall be borne by the company.
    • All assessments shall be carried out based on the EHS assessment checklist across the region. The checklist might have variations based on the size/products/services of that particular unit.
    • Award committees’ decision is final and the applicants will not have the right to question or appeal against the same at any stage.
  • Awards Process
    • Stage-1: Documents submission by applicants
    • Application submission to confirm participation by applicants
    • Applicants briefing on dos and don’ts
    • Submission of self-assessment checklist, pre-assessment dossier, data sheets by applicants on the CII EHS Excellence Awards website:
    • ...
      Stage-2: On-site assessment – the Agenda
    • Two-days with two assessors
    • Opening meeting - 30 min
    • Detailed presentation by applicants - 1 hr
    • Document verification - 4-5 hrs
    • Site assessment - 3-4 hrs
    • Evaluation of best practices - presentation of top 3 best practices by applicants - 1 hr
    • Closing meeting (in front of top management presence) - 45 min
    • Submission of feedback report to CII by Assessors - 2 hrs
    • Statge-3: Review of assessment
    • Review of assessment reports by the award committee members and validation check
    • Statge-4: Winner selection / Presentation for top award
    • Winner Selection by Award Committee Members
    • Select companies will be invited to make a presentation to validate the feedback report submitted by the Assessors and select a Platinum Award Winner.
    • Statge-5: Winner selection for best practices/category awards
    • Review of best practices under various award categories by the Lead Assessors/Award Committee members and winners will be selected as per the defined categories.
    • Statge-6: Award ceremony & feedback report submission
    • Preparation for grand finale awards ceremony
    • Feedback would be provided to the organization after the award ceremony by CII through the CII Awards portal.
  • Pre-Assessment Dossier
    • The pre-assessment dossier is meant to give the assessors information on the participating organisation before assessment and saves time too. Template for the pre-assessment dossier would be made available to all the companies on the website The dossier would comprise of:


      About the organisation (Who you are, various businesses, vision and mission, length and spread of business, number of sites/plants/offices, number of employees, size of the site / assessment area, key customers, suppliers, certifications, awards and recognitions)

    • The Commitment
    • Top management statement/endorsement on EHS or sustainability policy
    • EHS organization governance structure
    • EHS Policy & Communication
    • EHS culture initiatives
    • List of Objectives & Targets
    • EHS Annual Plans & Status
    • EHS Performance Indicator
    • EHS Internal & External Audit Management Practices
    • List of Statutory & Legal Requirements Applicable to the Site
    • Conditions of Legal Compliance Tracker
    • Name of the Persons Responsible for Statutory & Legal Compliance Related to EHS
    • Site EHS Clearance/Approval/Authorisation Documents
    • EHS Change Management Process
    • EHS Risk Assessment (HIRA & Aspect Impact)
    • Training Need Identification - Process & Procedure
    • Environmental Monitoring Programmes
    • Environment impact monitoring and control process (air quality, water management, energy management, carbon footprint, etc.)
    • Environmental awareness programmes
    • Waste management process (waste stream mapping and disposal / recycling process)
    • Health Monitoring Programmes
    • Health and hygiene, ergonomics practices
    • Chemical material handling process
    • Employee well-being programmes
    • Safety Monitoring Programmes
    • Emergency preparedness and response procedures
    • Safety audit and inspection programme
    • High risk operation process, LOTO process
    • Near miss, incident reporting and investigation process
    • Guidelines for visitors/assessment teams
    • Risk and opportunities thereby
    • Community programmes, community impact assessment and improvement plans
    • Sexual harassment policy (POSH)
    • Management review process
    • Community Partnership & Advocacy Programmes
    • Sexual Harassment Policy (POSH)
    • Other Important Documents
  • Assessment Methodology
    • EHS Policy and Communication
    • EHS Objectives, Targets, and Implementation of Actions Plans / Management programmes
    • ...
    • EHS Organization, Structure, and Responsibilities
    • EHS Risk & Opportunities
    • Aspect /impact & Hazard / Risk (identification, control, monitoring and updating)
    • EHS Training and Awareness
    • EHS Operational Controls Procedures
    • Emergency & Abnormality Prevention and Response
    • Handling of EHS Failures, Defects, and Anomalies
    • Employee Involvement, Participation & Behavior Based Safety
    • Health and Hygiene - Food safety/Covid - 19 (Pandemic)
    • Life Cycle Assessment
    • Supply Chain / Contractor Management
    • Assessment / Audit - External & Internal
    • Management Focus & Commitment - Management Review (EHS performance monitoring)
    • Management Strategy and Involvement
    • Environmental Sustainability / 5R Initiatives (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Replace, Refuse)
    • Engaging EHS outside the boundary/ EHS in CSR
    • Specific Area Assessment
      1. High Risk & Specialized Areas / Controls
      2. Machine Safety & Mechanical Safety
      3. Electrical Safety
      4. Warehouse & Storage
      5. Material Handling
      6. Premises / Facility / Infrastructure / Transport
    • Legal Compliance & Industry Specific Questions
      1. Legal Compliance
      2. Industry Specific Questions