3-Day Assessor Training Programme
CII EHS Excellence Awards

“Make you understand the Maturity Model of EHS, Beyond Compliances &
ISO Standards through Practical Case Studies”


CII has been advocating the industries on various advancements technically and practically, that occur globally to meet up the demands and the business challenges. For the past three years, CII has been conducting the CII EHS Assessor Training Programme and trained over 250 professionals and made them expert assessors. This year’s Assessor Training Programme is being organized in three batches as per the following schedule

“CII EHS Excellence Awards Hyderabad, Chennai & Bangalore 0900-1800 Hrs”

First Batch: 25–27 August 2022 – Hyderabad

Second Batch: 1-3 September 2022 – Chennai

Third Batch: 1-3 September 2022 – Bangalore


  • To train more EHS Professionals on this model and enhance the quality of assessment of the EHS Excellence Award. This is essentially a peer assessment framework.
  • Apart from having an understanding and learning of the model, the EHS Assessors will get an opportunity to study the internal systems and practices of other companies during the assessment and site visit.
  • Furthermore, this training helps them to understand the existing EHS practices within their company and motivating them to move on to the maturity model.
  • The participants will also get an opportunity to interact with senior professionals to get deeper insights into business and EHS processes through various case studies.
  • This three-day workshop is aimed at developing skills for assessing the effectiveness of various management approaches and their deployment for achieving EHS Excellence.
The course is designed and is aligned with the EFQM Excellence Model.


  • To get an integrated view of management for EHS Excellence and meet the increasing business challenges. The course helps the participant to understand on maturity model of EHS and beyond compliances and ISO standards.
  • To equip the participants with the necessary management and assessment skills for measuring the effectiveness of various management initiatives taken by an organization towards EHS Excellence.
  • To prepare potential assessors for the CII-SR EHS Excellence Award.
  • The participants who complete the training would be joining as a Co-Assessor and would be eligible to visit min 3 sites


  •    1. Complete training for 3 full days. On day-3, objective-type examinations will be conducted.
  •    2. Interactive syllabus and one-to-one interface with the trainers.
  •    3. A certificate would be provided upon successful completion of the course.
  •    4. Min 3 assessments would be given upon successful completion of the course.
  •    5. Upon completing this training Programme, the participants can implement the techniques in their organization and will be given opportunity to assess other organizations and learn from their practices


  • It is a must Programme for all the EHS professionals, leading the change process in their organizations to become globally competitive and progress towards achieving EHS Excellence.
  • Particularly beneficial to EHS Heads and middle-level EHS professionals as it allows them to learn the best practices across the industry first-hand.


  • Limited seats (40 Nos) are available for each training.
  • Registration is confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Prior payment is a must to attend the training. Online Registration link can be used to confirm participation and make the payment. The delegate fee is non-refundable, however, a change in nomination is acceptable.


1. EHS Policy & Communication 2. EHS Objectives, Targets, and Implementation of Actions Plans / Management programmes
3. EHS Organization, Structure, and Responsibilities 4. EHS Risk & Opportunities
5. Aspect /impact & Hazard / Risk (identification, control, monitoring and updating) 6. EHS Training and Awareness
7. EHS Operational Controls Procedures 8. Emergency & Abnormality Prevention and Response
9. Handling of EHS Failures, Defects, and Anomalies 10. Employee Involvement, Participation & Behavior Based Safety
11. Health and Hygiene - Food safety/Covid - 19 (Pandemic) 12. Life Cycle Assessment
13. Supply Chain / Contractor Management 14. Assessment / Audit - External & Internal
15. Management Focus & Commitment - Management Review (EHS performance monitoring) 16. Management Strategy and Involvement
17. Environmental Sustainability / 5R Initiatives (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Replace, Refuse) 18. Engaging EHS outside the boundary/ EHS in CSR
19. Specific Area Assessment
   A. High Risk & Specialized Areas / Controls
   B. Machine Safety & Mechanical Safety
   C. Electrical Safety
   D. Warehouse & Storage
   E. Material Handling
   F. Premises / Facility / Infrastructure / Transport
20. Legal Compliance & Industry Specific Questions
   A. Legal Compliance
   B. Industry Specific Questions


Member: Rs. 15,340/- per participant
Non-Member: Rs.17,700/- per participant
Discount: 3 or more participants will get a 10% discount. Tax: 18% GST is included in the participation fee.

For further details, please contact

Mr Pavithran R

Email: pavithran.r@cii.in | Mobile: +91 97911 60622