About CII-SR EHS Excellence Awards

Environmental disasters including raging forest fires from California to Siberia, extreme weather conditions leaving no geography unscathed, volcanic eruptions, typhoons and more have dealt a body blow to development efforts worldwide. These disasters can be attributed to increased industrial activity the world over. It is not surprising then that industry, including all of the human endeavour has a role to play in reversing this damage. Responsible Environment, Health and Safety practices are foundational for every enterprise. Understanding the importance of developing consciousness and adoption of EHS practices in every organisation is the need of the hour.

All places of work - industries, offices, universities, medical institutions, government and social organisations adhere to very strong Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) standards meticulously to withstand the climate change. CII has been continuously working towards it for over decades.

CII has been working with industries for decades to ensure that all workplaces, including fb login, businesses, offices, schools, hospitals, and government and non-profit organisations, adhere to extremely stringent Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) standards.

For more than two decades, the prestigious 'Excellence Award in Environment, Health,and Safety' has been organised by the CII Southern Region,and has played an active role in facilitating the adoption of robust EHS practises among its industries.

The CII-SR EHS Excellence Awards aim to raise the bar on EHS practises across industries in order to foster an industrial climate in India that is in harmony with nature while also protecting the health and safety of all stakeholders.CII believes that Indian industry can play an active role in the long-term development and advancement of national objectives and goals.

With great pleasure,we announce the most awaited, 16th edition of CII Southern Region EHS ExcellenceAwards 2023

  • Why EHS Excellence Awards?
    • To meet global norms
    • To improve safety stands
    • To understand innovative EHS practices
    • To know digital implementations

The Evolution
  • EHS awards was instituted in the year 2002 as Safety Awards
  • The name of the Awards has been changed to SHE Awards to give priority on Environment and Health aspects, along with Safety.
  • In 2006 the awards name has been changed to EHS Excellence Awards
  • In Safety and SHE Awards, companies were asked to share best practice presentations to the Jury
  • ...
  • The best was selected and awarded under various categories.
  • The Award Committee decided to change the presentation module to audit system for selection of awards, which was initiated in 2010.
  • It has been grand success every year and has received tremendous response from the industries in the Southern Region.

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    Uniqueness of the Awards

    Sector-Specific Assessments
  • Customized detailed assessment checklist covering 20 sectors.
  • Benchmark your practices against best-in-class practices in the sector
  • Assessment Specialists
  • Well-trained sector-based assessment specialists
  • The review process by eminent industry specialists
  • ...
  • Complete usage of website from application submission, upload documents, scheduling, assessors' information, sharing of best practices, assessment checklist for scoring and finally feedback report etc. all are digitalised to ease the awards processes.
  • Separate dashboard for applicants and assessors
  • Easy access to assessors to view/download the details uploaded by every applicants

  • Awards & Recognition
  • Upgradation of Awards and review of category awards every year as per the current trends and needs
  • Assessment based awards - Maturity awards
  • Non-assessment based awards - Category & Special Awards

  • Assessment and Reports
  • Transparency in assessment methodology
  • Match with participants achievements within the categories evaluated
  • Reviewed of scores / feedback by Working Committee & Award Committee Members

  • Learning and Sharing
  • Detailed feedback report to each participating company
  • A great opportunity to network, learn and share

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    The objectives of EHS Excellence Awards are to:
  • Supports the organisations to improve their EHS standards and make the workplace zero harm, consider well being of employees and create a good working environment
  • Facilitate adoption of robust EHS practices to meet the global norms
  • Helps to know digital implementations and innovative implementation of EHS practices
  • ...
  • Provoke an inspired safety stands and culture
  • Helps to realise the role of "leadership commitments"
  • Continuously raise the bar on EHS performance and enable corporates to follow "path-breaking" practices rather than mere "bench-marking"
  • Benchmark EHS practices across industry and helps to get know the best practices of other units and enrich knowledge

  • The Award has been instituted to acknowledge sustained contributions and innovation by organizations towards:
  • Protecting and conserving scarce natural resources
  • Building healthy and discrimination-free workplaces
  • Promoting best practices in safety to improve performance and productivity

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  • Industries which are operating in South India (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala,Puducherry,Tamil Nadu and Telangana).
  • Independent business (or) manufacturing units/divisions from the manufacturing and service industries which are operating in South India for atleast two years.
  • Construction and infrastructure projects in South India that have been in progress for 6 months or more.
  • ...
  • Members companies of CII Southern Region can apply for the awards for their units / plants in other locations.
  • Non-member companies with sites / units / offices / infrastructure projects in other regions are eligible to apply for the awards. However, their corporate/registered office should be in South India.
  • To avoid a conflict of interest,members of the award committee representing organisations are NOT eligible to participate

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    Benefits of Participation
    Participating in the awards process enables:
  • Learning: Know the latest practices and trends in EHS
  • Benchmarking: Participating company's practices with best-in-class companies in the same sector
  • Insights: Obtain valuable insights through the detailed and comprehensive assessment process
  • Recognition: Leverage the awards to strengthen your reputation as a responsible business.
  • Other Benefits & Services

    EHS Excellence in-house Training:
  • Conducted for 3-days
  • Helps the organization deep dive into the checklist elements
  • Clarifies gaps and resource mapping

  • Pre-Awards Assessment:
  • Detailed pre-assessment for about 2-3 days to understand the status of EHS implementation in the premises
  • ...
  • A detailed feedback report on strengths, weaknesses, and improvements is provided for adoption of better practices
  • This enables companies to achieve higher scoring in the EHS Assessments for the awards
  • For more details about the services, please contact CII

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    The Award

    Committee Members


    Aruna C Newton

    Associate Vice President, Head - Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability Governance & Reporting
    Infosys Ltd


    C S Divakar

    Head - EHS India Delegation
    Grindwell Norton India Pvt Ltd


    Paresh Thakkar

    Sr VP and Group Health and Safety Head
    JSW Group

    Saravanan Ramalingam

    Head - EHS
    Tata Electronics Ltd

    Sunil Kurian

    Head – Operations Maintenance and Sustainability
    Mahindra Worldcity

    V Alagu Selvam

    Head of Corporate Safety Function
    Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd


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