CII - Southern Region
EHS Excellence Awards 2020 - 13th Edition

(A Recognition for Best Practices in Environment, Health & Safety)

   Sectoral Awards

3 awards will be given based on the number of companies participating in each sector

  •  Main Sectors & Major sub-sectors participated in the previous editions Manufacturing.
    •  Automobiles
    •  Auto Components
    •  Engineering/Heavy Engineering, etc.
  •  Manufacturing Process
    •  Chemicals, Pharma
    •  Cement
    •  Food Processing
    •  Fertiliser
    •  Refinery, Oil & Gas
    •  Steel, Textiles, Paper, etc.
  •  Infrastructure
    •  Construction
    •  EPC Contractors
    •  Ports
    •  Power
    •  Rail
    •  Real Estate
    •  Roads
    •  SEZ Developer
    •  Water etc.
  •  Services
    •  Banking & Financial Services
    •  Bio Technology
    •  Education
    •  Hospitality
    •  Healthcare
    •  IT & ITES
    •  Storage & Logistics
    •  Office
    •  R & T
    •  Retails
    •  Telecommunications
    •  E-Commerce, etc.

  CII-EHS Star Rating

  •  CII-EHS Star rating enables the organisations in identifying their areas of strength and improvement while facilitating the creation of continuous improvement plans and moving efforts beyond just legal compliance
  •  Increases the esteem of the participating organization amongst their peers, customers and employees.
  •  All assessed companies will be awarded star rating, based on their below mentioned score. This is a continuous assessment indicator with the highest award being 5 Star rating.
    •  CII EHS 5 Star - Excellent
    •  CII EHS 4 Star - Commitment
    •  CII EHS 3 Star - Appreciation
    •  Others will get certificate of participation
  •  The % of scoring for each ratings will be decided by the award committee.

  Consistent Performance Award

  •  The companies who had received 5 Star for three consecutive years will receive this award.
  •  There is no restriction in numbers to receive this award.

  Supplement Award Categories - Note

  •  Applicants should present their practices to the assessors on the following categories.
    •  General Category
    •  Environment
    •  Safety
    •  Health
  •  Only 3 best practices should be presented/showcased, it can be two from the same category.

   Supplement Award Categories - General

  •  EHS Leadership Award

    This award recognizes the leaders of an organisation for their leadership and strategic vision of a CEO, who has made a vital contribution to the EHS implementation and its sustainability and achieved business growth and also supported the society during 2019-20 by taking an active role in aligning and championing their organisation's Environment, Health & Safety with their internal and external stakeholders.

  •  EHS Innovation Award

    This award will be presented to organizations for implementing sustainability principles through innovative ways. It may be in environmental, health and safety aspects.

  •  Workforce Engagement Award

    This award is presented annually to the organization that demonstrates the best consultation and involvement with its employees in developing and delivering its EHS management.

  •  Digital EHS Implementation Award

    This award is presented to the organization for using digital to enhance not only EHS compliances, it also helps in simplifying in EHS processes, protecting people from injuries, data sharing/storing, workforce communication & management, etc.

   Supplement Award Categories - Environment

  •  Companies which are good in this practice are requested to showcase the Best Practices to the assessors during the virtual assessment
    •  Positive Carbon Footprint
    •  Water Management
    •  Air Quality
    •  Waste Minimisation/Management
    •  Energy Management
    •  Green Belt Development for Community
  •  Each category 1 award will be presented

   Supplement Award Categories - Safety

  •  Road Safety Award

    This award is presented to the organization that rewards excellence and encourages improvement in Road Safety.

  •  Safe Employees, Safe Communities

    Employers who provide exemplary off-the-job safety programs - Designed to recognize companies who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in safety and protecting employees in their lives outside of the workplace, in the home and in local communities. This award recognizes the organizations for their contributions to the advancement of Safety in the workplace, on the road, and in homes and communities

  •  Women in Safety

    This category award that celebrates women as a team/individual who have achieved professional excellence and have helped pave the way to success for other women in safety.

  •  Women Safety

    The companies which give more attention for the safety of the women in the work environment would be recognized.

   Supplement Award Categories - Health

  •  Health at Work Award

    This will be presented to the organizations demonstrating the best management of Health at Work. Judges will be giving consideration to a range of occupational health and wellbeing themes, including the identification, assessment, monitoring and prevention of health risks, occupational hygiene, and wellness at work, including mental health and wellbeing.

  •  Best Hygienic Workplace Award

    This will be presented to the companies which showcases cleanliness and personal hygiene at work place, holds hygiene policies in place will be recognized

  The Best New Entry Award

This award recognizes the best entry from an organization participating for the first time which secures highest score among other new entries.